Chrysa Chatzikonstantinidou

For me, jewelry – like clothes – represents a means of self-definition and an identity statement, both for their maker and for their bearer/wearer, thus setting the foundations for a highly creative dialogue between these two persons. The “eye of the beholder”, who is called to enjoy and to interpret it when it adorns a body or when shown in an exhibition or showcase, also becomes a creative part of this dialogue.Chatzikonstantinidou_1

I was born in Serres and I live in Athens, Greece. I studied Philosophy at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and New Technologies at the University of Athens and I work as a Literature teacher. Over the last five years, I have been engaged in jewellery making. I have completed four cycles of studies at the Contemporary Jewellery Workshop “Anamma”, taught by Anastasia Kandaraki and have attended a series of seminars and lectures by Greek and foreign artists and speakers.

I have participated in six group exhibitions in Athens, Greece: ‘Color‘ Vrysaki, 2012, ‘Our red thread‘ Vrysaki, 2013, ‘Enotion’, Popeye loves Olive, 2014, ‘Microcosmoi‘, El. Marneri Galerie, 2014, ‘Ex-votos-Talismans-Spells’, El. Marneri Galerie, 2014-15, and ‘Is that jewelry?’, Atopos, 2015.


Chrysa Chatzikonstantinidou_Haiku III  Chrysa Chatzikonstantinidou_Haiku VI CHRYSA CHATZIKONSTANTINIDOU Haiku II





and especially the sensation

and the atmosphere of beloved haiku poems,

became the occasion for starting a deeper, inner dialogue

between poems and jewellery.



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