Evangelia Dimitriou

I was born and I live in Athens, Greece. The making of jewelry has not been my initial target. It came to me as a need of expression in a time when I thought that my creativity had been lost, but as time was passing by, I discovered many other aspects of myself, a new “me”. Yet I was surprised, as the experimentation with different materials is an endless procedure with countless ways of approach so to reach their limits and mine. Part of the delectation in the art of making is the making of an artificial closure. For three years I have been attending contemporary jewelry seminars in Anastasia Kandaraki’s studio, called “Anamma”. In the past ten years I have also attended seminars with various artists such as Akis Goumas, Dimitris Nikolaidis, Loukia Richards, Ioanna Natsikou, Nicole Polentas, Yoko Izawa, Tanvi Kant, Gabi Veit, and others. Each one of them opened me a new pathway, for and to creation.


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