Yiota Vogli

Yiota Vogli is a visual artist born in Piraeus Greece. She received her PhD & Master of Fine Arts Degrees from Belgrade University of Arts and her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Fine Arts, Athens Greece. She is the author of ‘Jewelry Design’, 2002 and ‘Jewelry & Object Design’, 2004, books for the Greek Ministry of Education.   Her works are to be found in private and public collections in Greece and abroad.

Vogli Yiota

Her recent work ‘Layers of Memory’ deals with the density of substance. Paper stripes, create forms of multiple colors and become symbols of past imprints  and memories that have lost their actuality, since time and personal renderings – feelings, subjective readings, even mind distortions – transforms them into something open to interpretation

Vogli Yiota








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