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Atoposa hidden jewel within the neighborhood of Metaxourgeio in Athens. An Athenian residence dating back to the beginning of the previous century – about 100 years old, yet, fresh, airy, elegant and featuring one of the most beautiful patios I have ever seen!



Atopos is a space with personality that urges you to inhabit it. When first visiting, it is the space itself that tells you: “Hey, look! The patio is my heart! And can you see that? It used to be a well at the centre of the patio, the heart of my heart, so to speak. It has gone out of use, obviously; now, I get my water supply from further away.”

Κάτοψη      Κάτοψη_2

MYRTO                  Meleti_5

“Let’s get water out of this well again” I thought… Let’s use a magic wand and let water flow through the rooms that will be hosting us; pour with rain so that plants can grow everywhere – on the floor, on the walls – and let our jewelry be strange flowers. But, wait a minute: Is this jewelry?

*I am more than grateful to Angelos Konstandakatos –an experienced architect and craftsman and also an old regular of Anamma Studio – thanks to whom we avoided errors, omissions, oversights and other complications that would definitely occur due to my lack of experience, leading to unnecessary panic and stress. And trust me, Angelos didn’t just lend a hand or offered some advice; he got down to work literally!

Myrto Prokopiou

*Architectural design of exhibition: Myrto Prokopiou, Supervision & implementation of architectural design: Angelos Konstandakatos and Myrto Prokopiou.